lore 'weapons lore' 'arcane lore'
Syntax: lore <object> (for 'lore' and 'weapons lore'; 'arcane lore' is automatic) Lore is a general skill, consisting of knowledge of myths and legends. Use of the lore skill gives a chance of obtaining information on an object, concerning its reputed power and uses. Pay attention when others are discussing the lore of any item, and you could find yourself being more knowledgeable in these matters as well! The lore for an item is just its reputed information, and does not reflect any specific details of the specific weapon on hand (i.e. enchantments, random stats, etc.) Use the identify spell for that information. If you do not have the 'lore' skill, you can still find out information about items by seeking out a 'wandering sage', in Bastion. Give your item to the wandering sage, and he will attempt to tell you about it. See showskill lore for more details. Weapons Lore does the same as Lore, but will only give information about weapons. Other objects can not be lored with this skill. See showskill weapons lore for more details. Arcane lore determines how much random knowledge you have in the use of obscure magic items. This skill is generally possessed by spell casters, but rogues who horde more than their share of magical items may learn to use them as well. Arcane lore, along with wisdom, determines the effective spell level of any magic item when used, including wands, staves, potions, pills, and scrolls. People without this skill can receive benefits from magic items, they will simply not use them to their highest potential. See showskill arcane lore for more details.