appeal decision protocol dispute
Protocol for appealing immortal decisions is as follows: Write a note on personal board to imm. If your punishment was a nonoting (meaning you cannot write notes), you may ask on public channels for an imm to hear your appeal, and if they are willing to listen, you can discuss it with them. Either way, your appeal will then be considered by a senior imm. Remember that complaining and pleading will usually not be taken positively, and may in fact make your situation worse. Recall that you've already broken a rule in the eyes of the imm performing the punishment, and you would do well to avoid irritating that person further. Politeness is always appreciated. Should you wish to appeal further, you may write a note to Imp (which addresses the implementors [lvl 110] only.) Understand that *Only the Most Extreme Circumstances* will cause an Imp to overturn another immortal's decision. The format of any note of dispute should be as follows: board personal <enter> (To:) imm <enter> (Subject:) (be specific, name the exact ruling you wish to dispute) (Desc:) Describe what happened, and the reason for your protest.