Your alignment tells you your current moral standing. If it is below zero, you are tending towards an evil nature. It is much harder to become good from evil, than it is to turn to evil from good, so be careful. When killing mobs of the same alignment as you, you may suffer a small experience loss as your alignment shifts. Killing good creatures, or sentient neutral creatures will make you evil, while killing evil creature will make you good. Good-aligned characters are more likely to receive mercy from the gods when they die, and aggressive good-aligned mobs won't attack them. Alignment also affects certain skills and spells, such as protection from good or evil and the smite skill. Descriptive Alignment Words satanic: (-1000,-900) angelic: (900,1000) demonic: ( -900,-7000 saintly: (700, 900) evil: ( -700,-350) good: (350, 700) mean: ( -350,-100) kind: (100, 350) neutral: ( -100, 100) The following brackets are true classifications of alignment: Good : 1000 -> 351 Neutral : 350 -> -350 Evil : -351 -> -1000