specialty specialties agile tough wise armored construct plant bright double-jointed frost_aura burning_aura undead conductive constrict
Agile: Movement bonus (Level*10)(nothing to do with agility) Tough: Hp bonus (Level*10) Wise: Mana bonus (Level*10) Armored: Armor bonus (Level*-10) Construct: See help construct_details Plant: A special plant feature (see help ROOT) Bright: They act as a light source Double-jointed: Improved chance to dodge Sunburn: They take damage when exposed to sunlight Frost aura: All cold damage dealt is increased but all fire damage is decreased Burning aura: Opposite of frost aura Conductive: All lightning damage is increased Pestilent: All disease damage is increased Undead: Vulnerable or immune to some spells/skills (e.g. turn undead) Constrict: Chance to squeeze and disable opponent each round. Multi-headed: Beheading only halves current hitpoints.