advice faq
NEWBIE ADVICE Q: Where is a should I go at level 1 and beyond? A: Initiation is the best place. It contains easy leveling mobs, and you can snag a few pieces of equipment. You can find information on other zones to level in and explore in your Newbie Guide. If you have lost your newbie guide, you can buy one from Herman the Gnome who is SE,E from Palace Square. Q: Where do I go to train and practice? A: You train/practice at your GUILD. The classes are divided up into guilds, and in most cases you share your guild house with other classes besides your own. Check out help guild for more information. Q: What should I use my training sessions on? A: To start, you should train the stats that belong to your class which you can find in help <class name>. Improving these stats will grant you more practices per level, which in turn can be turned into more trains. After these stats are trained, you may want to invest a few trains in each of your other stats to become more well rounded. You should also strongly consider spending your trains in your guild to gain more skills and spells. You can read more about this in help gain. Q: What's this hunger and thirst stuff about? A: Yes, you can die from it. If you ask around, someone will tell you where you can find stuff to eat and drink. If you don't eat or drink for long enough, you'll get tired and probably die eventually. A good place to start is the Lemonade fountain, 2N of Palace Square. If you have any more questions, please ask on the NEWBIE channel. It is very likely that you will receive a response from at least one or two players. If nobody responds, be patient, and try again a short while later.