advanced skills
When a character gains a skill from multiple sources (class, subclass, race) the skill turns into an advanced skill. The degree to which the skill is advanced depends on the skill percentages from the different sources; for two skills the formula is roughly percentage_1 * percentage_2 / 100. Advanced skills can be seen using the skills advanced command. Advanced skills gain additional bonuses, similar to mastery bonuses. The bonuses listed below are for skills that are 100% advanced. For skill at lower advancement rates, a partial bonus is gained. Spells (all): caster level increases by (20 + level) / 10 chain spell: full caster level for secondary targets extend spell: 50% chance for automatic cost-free extend empower spell: +50% spell level bonus (12.5% -> 18.75%) quicken spell: casting time is reduced by factor 3 (minimum 6) martial attacks: +20% damage combat maneuvers: +20% opposed roll weapon skills: +5% attack roll 2nd/3rd attack: +50% more attacks alertness: +50% to opposed roll backstab: opponent AC only counts 1/3 (instead of 1/2) beheading: +25% behead chance berserk: no cost or lag to activate dodge, parry, shield block: +5% chance double strike: +40% chance to rend dual wield: no penalty for equal-weight weapons enhanced damage, flanking: +50% bonus entrapment: +50% bonus estimate: -50% lag evasion: reduce damage by 2/3 instead of 1/2 fast healing, meditation, endurance: +50% bonus hunt: reroll failed hunt check ignite: use as if (20 + level) / 10 levels higher inspire (all): double duration instruments: +10% focus bonus kung fu: +7% damage to martial attacks leadership: +5% damage for followers quickdraw: +33% success chance smite: +25% dispel level sneak: +50% effective hide skill while sneaking snipe: -10% chance to get spotted while shooting stalk: ignore pass-without-trace effect and elude skill steal: +50% effective skill swim: -2 movement cost in water true grit: damage taken reduced by level for sudden death check twohand weapons: cannot be parried with one-handed weapon wail: +20% base damage (excludes riff bonus) war cry: double duration wrist shield: same base block chance as full shield ambush: penetrates sanctuary by 1/6 blade dance & rage: +5% damage dealt bloodbath: bonus to damage taken is halved elemental blade: mana cost eliminated goblincleaver: 50% chance for offhand attack against each opponent inquisition: +5% extra spell pierce retribution: 50% chance to repeat missed retribution attack shadowXXX: +5%/+10% damage in dim/dark rooms witch hunting: also drains mana (10% of bonus damage) combat symphony: +20 Vitality lullaby: 100% chance for deeper sleep Note: Martial attacks include: * kick, chop, uppercut, roundhouse, leg sweep * bash, shield bash, charge * trip, gouge, mug * headbutt, fatal blow (base damage only)