lightning acid frost gas fire 'breath effects'
Syntax: cast 'acid breath' <victim> Syntax: cast 'fire breath' <victim> Syntax: cast 'frost breath' <victim> Syntax: cast 'gas breath' Syntax: cast 'lightning breath' <victim> These powerful dragon spells are known as the most powerful of all spells. Most effective when cast by a high-level magic user with a lot of mana, they can cause massive amounts of damage to your victims. Fire, Frost, and Gas breath will hit every available target in the room, whereas Lightning and Acid breath can be directed to one unlucky victim. Spell cost is the base mana (as listed in showskill) + 1% of your current mana. Special Effects from Breath Spells: ACID: armor may become pitted or corroded, wands may break, scrolls may burn COLD: may cause a chill to remain with the victim, potions and drink containers may freeze and shatter FIRE: smoke may cause blinding; containers, potions, scrolls, staves, wands, food, and pills all have a chance of being toasted LIGHTNING: victim may become stunned from the shock, wands and staves may overload, jewelry might fuse into a worthless lump GAS: victim (or their food/drink) may be poisoned