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Most physical attacks are resolved by an opposed roll between the attacker's hitroll against the defenders armor class. The attacker rolls a number between 0 and their hitroll, while the defender rolls a number between 0 and their armor class / -10. If the attacker rolls higher than the defender, the attack hits. Each character starts gains a natural hitroll and armor based on their class and level, as well as bonuses for high dexterity, agility and luck. These class based bonuses are calculated as base hitroll = (level+10) * attack factor / 100 base armor class = (level+10) * defense factor / -200 The classes command lists attack and defense factors for all classes. Both hitroll and armor class can be increased further by equipment and buffs. In addition, each attack has a 12.5% chance to hit automatically. The mechanics above are only applied to the remaining 87.5% of cases. See help magical attacks for more information on those.