Aarchon Anecdote Authority AAAVolume004
This is about dual wield and dual weapon to hopefully reduce confusion on how these skills work, the weight requirements, etc. Dual wield and dual_weapon work in tandem with each other. There has often been a lot of confusion of how they work, and what is needed to dual wield weapons of various weights. Hopefully this explanation below will help some. For calculating chance-to-hit, the higher % of dual_wield and the applicable dual_weapon skill is used. Off-hand weapon weight is checked twice throughout the dual wield process. First, to see if you're strong enough to even wield the weapon in your off-hand at all, and second to see if you're able to wield it with your current main-hand weapon. The maximum weight of your off-hand weapon is weight(main-hand weapon) * max(dwd,dwn) / (150-dwn) where dwd=dual_wield skill and dwn=dual_weapon skill. For dual_wield alone this means at most 2/3 of the main weapon weight. For dual_weapon alone this means you can wield equal-weight weapons at a skill percentage of 75 or more.