Aarchon Anecdote Authority AAAVolume003
With the introduction of the 100% tattoo refund day, we started to receive a substantial number of questions regarding how attacks and damage were calculated. After a bit of research, we're happy to share with you a detailed explanation of these mechanics. Now with 100% less Paradigm Industries information. 1) You make an attack 2) Chance of the attack hitting is called 1) If the attacker is larger than the defender, there is a 3% miss chance per size-category difference. 2) Then there is a flat 1/8 chance to hit. 3) If the attack didn't miss or hit yet, attack_roll and defense_roll are calculated: 3a) attack_roll = hitroll * (100+weapon_skill)/200 3b) defense_roll = (100-AC)/10 If random(0..attack_roll) > random(0..defense_roll) it's a hit, otherwise a miss. Note 1: See "help thac0" for attack_factor and defense_factor. They are around 100, but vary by class. Note 2: There are other conditional things that can affects hit/miss: * Curse provices a 5% miss chance. * Giant feller provides a 3% hit chance per size difference. * Being blind or prone reduce attack_roll by 25% each. * Dimensional blade stance doubles the attack_roll. 3) Damage is calculated 1) Base damage from Level 2) Weapon Damage is checked 3) Shield/Two-hand weapon check is done 4) Damroll Added (4 damroll = 1 damage) 5) Enhanced Damage Checked 6) Sharp Shooting Checked 7) Anatomy Checked 4) Damage modifiers are checked 1) Spears do more damage to bigger opponents 2) Giant feller does even more damage to bigger opponents (spear required) 3) Claws give a bonus damage if you're unstanced 4) Weaken spell reduces damage by 10% 5) Critical hit is checked 6) Leadership damage bonus is added 7) Sanctuary is checked 8) Protection good/evil is checked 9) Fade/Dodge/Parry/Shield Block are checked 10) Vuln/Resists are Checked 11) Stance damage is added 5) Damage is dealt