Aarchon Anecdote Authority AAAVolume002
The Aarchon Anecdote Authority thought the legal battles had finally ended a few weeks ago, until one of Paradigm's lawyers got their hands on SirLance's subpoena for several of their highly prized patents that hadn't been previously resolved in court. An injunction was filed against SirLance to stop him from submitting additional requests, but the judge quickly threw out the case stating that "he didn't want to see one more goddamn question from SirLance". We at AAA are a bit more appreciative of the thirst for knowledge. With the legal battlegrounds cleared, we're able to publish some new and quite exciting information this week. Rumor 1: The Discipline stat determines how many practices you will gain per level. AAA Says: FALSE! Get with the times! Practices are now calculated using each classes' primary and secondary stats. The formula is: Practices Gained = (Prime/30) + (Secondary/45) + (Secondary #2/45) The formula is being refined ever so slightly, so that you can gain a "partial practice" which gets applied at later levels (so you can earn like 8.4 pracs per level meaning you'll gain 8, 8, 9, 8, etc.). The math won't change, the game will just handle it better. Rumor 2: Skills and spells are harder to improve as they reach higher %s. There are break points in place! AAA Says: MOSTLY TRUE. There aren't particular break points in place that make skills and spells harder to learn, but the formula is written in a way that the higher the skill already is, the harder it is to learn it. The last 2% are equally hard to gain. Rumor 3: Most skills and spells don't have a special bonus for being maxed. AAA Says: MOSTLY TRUE. Currently many skills and spells have no special bonus for being maxed out. Yes, they're more likely to work, may cost slightly less, etc., but very few skills and spells have a "mastery" type bonus. Some examples of skills with a bonus are : Mass Combat, Beheading, Assassination, Parry, Dodge, Shield Block, and Duck. When they are maxed out (100% EFFECTIVE) they actually give an ADDITIONAL bonus on top of the base chance of success you would have. Bless is one of the only spells that currently has a bonus as well. Question 1: What are the break points for weapon proficiency messages? AAA Says: 1, 36, 61, 75, 81, 91, 100 are the break points. The messages that you get are : You fumble and almost drop (obj), (obj) feels a little clumsy in your hand, Your skill with (obj) is adequate, You are skilled with (obj), You feel quite confident with (obj), (obj) feels like an extension of your body, and last but not least, You are supremely talented with (obj). The breakpoints however do not reflect your exact success rate with the weapon, meaning, if you have a weapon skill at 94% it will be 3% more successful than a weapon skill that is at 91%. You don't need to hit a breakpoint to actually see an improvement. Thank you for reading. Please remember that Paradigm is responsible for spreading all of the above rumors. You can show your gratitude by submitting more questions for the next volume of Aarchon Anecdote Authority.