Aarchon Anecdote Authority AAAVolume001
Volume 1 - Aarchon Anecdote Authority "The blind man fights using the dreaded flying guillotine, a decapitating weapon that even has it's own movie. It's a metal box with retractable blades connected to a long chain. All you have to do is throw it on your enemy's head, and pop! Off comes the noggin!" For nearly a decade, the revered Aerial Decaptitator was the most valuable and sought after weapon in all the land. Today, the Aarchon Anecdote Authority devalues the item by 15%, by dispelling some rumors that have been surrounding the mechanics behind beheading! Rumor 1: Weapons that do slash damage have a better chance to behead than all other damtypes AAA Says: FALSE. Damtype has no bearing on your chance to behead Rumor 2: Exotics have a high chance to behead. AAA Says: FALSE. Axes have the best chance to behead, followed by swords, then daggers and polearms, then exotics. It is not possible to behead with a spear, mace, flail, gun, or whip. Rumor 3: A heavy weapon has a better chance to behead AAA Says: FALSE. Weapon weight plays no factor in your chance to behead an opponent. Rumor 4: High STR and LUC stats help you behead more AAA Says: Partially TRUE. While these stats don't inherently give you a better chance to behead, if you play a class with the Beheading skill (Warrior or Gladiator), then these stats will increase your effective Beheading skill. The greater your beheading skill, the greater your chance to behead Rumor 5: The beheading skill helps your chance to behead with a gun AAA Says: FALSE. As mentioned in rumor 2, it is not possible to behead with a gun. You can however assassinate your opponent which effectively counts for and appears a behead. Thank you for reading. Please remember that Paradigm is responsible for spreading all of the above rumors. You can show your gratitude by submitting more questions for the next volume of Aarchon Anecdote Authority.