Magic tattos can be bought at the tattoo shop. Once bought, they will stay on your body for all time (even if you die or remort), unless you choose to have them removed at the shop. For tattoos that are removed you will recieve a 50% refund.

Unlike ordinary tattoos, magic tattoos can grant special powers to their wearer. The powers added increase as the wearer increases in level, however they are only effective while nothing or translucent equipment is worn over the tattoo.

The 10 first tattoos add lvl% of their listed power until level 89. At level 90+ they will add an additional 5% for each level above 90, up to a total of 150% at level 100.

The next 10 tattoos (those for 2500qp) add an additional bonus which is independent of the wearers level. This bonus is listed in brackets and is applied at all times, regardless of whether translucent equipment is being worn above them or not.

(P) represents physical stats which are : Strength, Constitution, Vitality, Agility, Dexterity
(M) represents mental stats which are : Wisdom, Intelligence, Discipline, Charisma, Luck
(A) represents all stats

Tattoo NameL90L91L92L93L94L95L96L97L98L99L100Static Bonus
Bear+200 hp2102202302402502602702802903000
Snake+200 mn2102202302402502602702802903000
Bunny+200 mv2102202302402502602702802903000
Tiger+8 (P), +50 hp, +50 mv8.4 /53 /538.8 /55 /559.2 /58 /589.6 /61 /6110 /64 /6410.4 /67 /6710.8 /70 /7011.2 /74 /7411.6 /78 /7812 /81 /810
Owl+8 (M), +100 mn8.4 /1058.8 /1109.2 /1159.6 /12010 /12510.4 /13010.8 /13511.2 /14011.6 /14512 /1500
Lion+8 (A)
Unicorn-20 saves-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-300
Eagle+20 hitroll212223242526272829300
Dragon+20 dragon212223242526272829300
Tortoise-200 AC-210-220-230-240-250-260-270-280-290-3000
Grizzily+200 hp21022023024025026027028029030050
Python+200 mn21022023024025026027028029030050
Rabbit+200 mv21022023024025026027028029030050
Sabretooth+8 (P), +50 hp, +50 mv8.4 /53 /538.8 /55 /559.2 /58 /589.6 /61 /6110 /64 /6410.4 /67 /6710.8 /70 /7011.2 /74 /7411.6 /78 /7812 /81 /812 /25 /0
Fox+8 (M), +100 mn8.4 /1058.8 /1109.2 /1159.6 /12010 /12510.4 /13010.8 /13511.2 /14011.6 /14512 /1502 /25
Sphinx+8 (A)
Elements-20 saves-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-5
Phoenix+20 HR212223242526272829305
Wyrm+20 DR212223242526272829305
Angel-200 AC-210-220-230-240-250-260-270-280-290-300-50

The larger tattoos provide the same bonuses, however they also give the additional bonus as listed in brackets [ ]. The bonus in brackets does NOT have an additional percentage bonus increase at levels past 90.

Clarification: The EXTRA bonus (the one in brackets) from 2500qps tattoos are static. They are always applied regardless of level and regardless of what equipment you're wearing over them.

Warning: Further tattoos may be added later on. Tattoos are subject to change. No refunds (except the 50% auto-refund) will be given.

To get a list of bodyparts where you can get a tattoo, type 'tattoo loc' in a tattoo shop. Just typing 'tattoo' will give you a list of all you can do in the shop.