The table below outlines all of the stances in Aarchon. Not all stances are available to all classes, however each class has a minimum of one stance; most classes have 4 or more. Stances play an integral role in the way characters do combat in Aarchon. Some stances change damage types allowing you to capitalize on the vulnerability of your opponent. Others will keep you alive longer, help you kill your opponent faster, or even regenerate quicker.

"M" indicates the stance is a martial arts stance (unarmed)
"W" indicates the stance is a weapons stance (weapon required
"M/W" indicates the stance works unarmed or armed
"N/A" indicates that the stance does not alter damage type

Low move cost = 1-6 moves per round
Medium move cost = 7-12 moves per round
High move cost = 13-35 moves per round

The name in bold indicates the skill group the stances are a part of

Stance NameM/WDamage TypeDescription / PurposeMove cost
Spirit Fist
Bear m Bash Increased Damage Low
Eagle m Slash Increased Accuracy Low
Lion m Pierce Increased Damage and Accuracy, Extra Attack High
Rhino m Pierce Increased Damage, Chance to Bash High
Tiger m Slash Extra Attack Medium
Three Seas
Eel m Shock Shocking Effect, Slightly Increased Damage Low
Toad m Bash Increased Dodging Ability Low
Tortoise m Pierce Reduces Damage Taken, Minus one attack Low
Nordic Styles
Goblincleaver w N/A Dramatically increases number of attacks when fighting multiple opponents, Less Damage Medium
Tempest m/w Drowning Casts a random weather spell each round at a reduced mana cost Medium
Wendigo m/w Bash Reduce Damage Taken, Increase Damage Dealt, Extra Attack, Chance to Disarm Enemy High
Weapon Styles
Blade Dance w N/A Increased Damage, Increased Accuracy, Extra Attack High
Finesse w N/A Increased Accuracy Low
Rage w N/A Increased Damage Low
Retribution w N/A Chance to counterattack your opponent each time they hit you High
Vermin Bite
Boa m Bash Chance to Disarm and Stun Opponent
Porcupine m Pierce Chance to counterattack your opponent each time they hit you Medium
Scorpion m Poison Increased Damage, Chance to poison opponent
Sacred Invocations
Firewitch's Seance w N/A Regenerate Mana and HP each round Medium
Korinn's Inspiration w Holy Increased Damage Medium
Parademia's Bile w Acid Increased Damage Medium
Swayde's Mercy w N/A Increased Dodge, Parry, and Shield Blocking Medium
Mystical Styles
Dimensional Blade w N/A Opponents cannot fade through your attacks High
Dragon m Fire Increased Damage, Flaming Effect Medium
Elemental Blade w Elemental Each hit is accompanied by an additional elemental strike High
Phoenix m Fire Damages your Mana rather than HP (2 dmg = 1 mana) Low
Unicorn m Pierce Ignores Opponents Sanctuary effect, Increases your Saves Medium
Holy War
Inquisition w N/A Dramatically reduces your opponents saves Medium
Jihad w N/A One extra attack for each opponent you're fighting Medium
Vampire Hunting w Holy Extra holy damage to undead or mobs vuln wood Medium
Werewolf Hunting w Light Extra light damage to anything vuln light or silver Medium
Witch Hunting w Drowning Increased damage toward mages and illusionists Medium
Shadowclaw m/w Harm(m) N/A(w) Improved chance of beheading Low
Shadowessence m/w Cold Increased damage, chilling effect Low
Shadowsoul m/w Negative Increased damage, steals HP from opponent Low
Shaowwalk m/w Negative Chance of fading through opponents attacks Medium
Ambush w N/A Increased accuracy, extra attack, increased chance of assassination and backleap, entrapment effect High
Anklebiter w N/A Lag-free trip, disarm, mug, dirtkick, or bite opponent each round Medium
Arcana m/w Magic(m) N/A(w) Increases damage of draconian spells at greater mana cost Low
Bloodbath w N/A Heavily increases damage dealt and taken, unable to dodge/parry High
Bunny m/w N/A Increased dodging ability and success of flee Medium
Kamikaze w N/A Heavily increases damage dealt and taken, additional attacks from Ashura skill at <25% hp High
Showdown w N/A Reduces chances of gun jamming Low
Target Practice w N/A Increased accuracy Low