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prepare for fight
fight irona to pretty hurt? (what happens if you die?)

quaff potion
follow path
kill jabber
follow path back
slap el cid

quaff potion
go west
kill 2 zombies (not leader)

go to alchemist

exit home.
Beware giants. invis or kill. scan before moving, avoid groups
eastern side thereis a cave.
kill thief along the way. (dangerous)
get map
(start_)is a room. after you go down, and east.
continue e, use map to avoid merman.(keep looking, it's a live monitor) merman are killable if needed, but you cannot flee. get the stone near the end of the cave return stone to the alchemist. quaff potion. avoid malicar. (immiediate entrance to the eastish).
warrior to the west, cleric mage to the east.
kill masters (cleric and mage don't aggro together) go south of the valley. be ware of the trap door spider. go to the southern temple point.
try climb vine
get all corpse
take off light to avoid assassins.
ne from bem corpse to maze. (half from maze) up and east to barrier. spellup/heal first.
try throw rock to distract ogre.
flee past the ogre if can't be bothered. ogre is quite painful though.
when returning REST BEFORE GOING THROUGH BARRIER. (half from ogre) top of temple: kill mummy for key, or pass door/pick. n and s of the top level with the chestgets vase full of water or 2 pill.
merge both halves of the ankh
examine for spell use spell on chest (say) return to sage.
when ready, give ankh to sage
heal and spellup. kill irona


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