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Nicodemus – NIMH

50 QP

  • A note from a company Akyros Pharmaceuticals
  • A Square Piece of Paper Guru of Time – Square World
  • A torn note Gardener – Luferacim’s Castle
  • A scrap of paper - Slums

Bounty Hunter – Battlelords

Level 96 EQ

  • Kill Shao Khan Mortal Kombat
  • Kill Mir Marienberg
  • Kill Kraken Troubled Waters
  • Kill Ctuoac Ctuoac Warrens

Go to Bastion, find Brok Tu

  • Kill Phentari Bounty Hunter Battlelords – Concourse G

Homer’s Donut – Cable

40 QP

  • Kill Bart Simpson x 12 Cable entrance, all west, all north, open east, go east

If Homer says “Yum! Thanks!” kill him to get the donuts back and try again.

Royal Messenger – Princess Bride

30 QP

  • Go to Hermes Olympus
  • Give sword to Messenger Princess Bride – Castle

Guildmaster – New Thalos (s2en from Elvira)

Level 5 Potion

  • a vial of honey One of a Hundred – Sunrise Mountain
  • sheep’s milk Flying Sheep – Holy Grail
  • a gust grass Anywhere
  • wasabi Shopkeeper – Kyoto

say finished

Insect Pitcher – Bloodfest ‘98


  • Water Herman – Bastion (.le)
  • Crabbit Pelt Crabbit – Troubled Water

Avatar – Warhammer 40K

200 QP

  • a Slam Cannon Guardian – Guardian Citadel
  • a Venom Cannon/Gun Crazy Hunter – Jurassic Park
  • a 120mm Shock Cannon Arclite Siege Tank – Starcraft
  • Uraj Crystal Sarah Kerrigan – Starcraft
  • Focus Crystal Genestealer Magi – Space Hulk
  • Matrix Crystal Galactic Police Chatilian Detective – Battlelords
  • Targeting Computer Space Marine – Space Hulk
  • 3D Unix Guide Half Dead Employee – Jurassic Park

Ticlo – Sunrise Mountain

30 QP

Say Fishing

  • Fishing Pole Fisherman – Alcatraz
  • Fishing Line School of Fish – Huldu (Wet)
  • Jar O’ Bait Billy Bob – Troubled Water (Store)

Weapons Collection – Cubist Castle

80 QP

Gate to Crooked Uberguard

  • The Great Equalizer Johl Roc – Bryn Cail
  • The Shimmering Axe Guardmaster Stein – Guardian Citadel
  • The Dreadful Dagger Bandit Chief – Dragon Reign
  • The Rose Whip Stranded Diver – Briney Deep
  • The Dragoon Lance Kain – Square World
  • The Guano Gun Guano Guy – Troubled Waters
  • The Bludgeon Type Object Floating Pair of Hands – Siva’s Lament
  • The NOT DEAD Polearm The NOT DEAD Guy – Holy Grail
  • The Coach’s Insight Coach – Bloodfest ‘98
  • The Wormwood Foul Gnasher – Siva’s Lament

Fisherman’s Boat – Alcatraz

100 QP


  • Pile of lumber - Master Carpenter - Luferacim’s Castle
  • Hammer - Carpenter – Logging Camp - Any hammer should work.
  • Saw - Al – Cable


  • Weaver’s Guild Master Marienberg
  • 4 Pieces of String Jeremy – NIMH
  • Knitting Needles ? – Luferacim’s Castle
  • Long Piece of Fabric ? -

Circle of Heroes

120 QP

Melaki the Sage – Northern Druish Glenn

  • Lady of the Lake Dreamscape
  • Setna Ctuoac Warrens
  • Mir Marienberg
  • High Tremere Gothic City
  • Caramon New Thalos
  • Cleric’s Queen In the Chandelier
  • Artemis Olympus
  • Zombie Leader Haunted Lands
  • Dread Pirate Roberts Princess Bride

Dexter’s Call

Level 96 EQ

Need Wiseness from Nicodemus to enter the room

  • Wise Man Dexter
  • The WARDEN Soneji’s Mansion

Max Gardener’s List

  • black sword black spear black axe
  • black halberd black dagger black flail
  • black mace black helmet black breastplate
  • black leggings black boots black gauntlets
  • black shield mother’s love leach covered flail

Receive an Orange Life Vest and an IOU

Give IOU to Wise Man

  • Brawl Master/Vad Huldu (Dry)
  • Harem Girl Pirate’s Lair

Give Letter to Vad

  • Prostitute Slums

Give Letter to Vad

  • Hot Blonde Dexter

Give Letter to Vad

  • Sword/Shield of the Cube Cube

Give Sword/Shield of the Cube to Vad

Give Pact to Wise Man

  • Spoon Alcatraz
  • Cell 2A Simple Gun - JROTC
  • Cell 2B Soft Green Fur Coat – Mrem, Prepubescent Cat
  • Cell 3A Gnomish Pie – Bastion, Herman (.le)
  • Cell 1A Jack Daniels
  • Black Pit 1A Receive Video Tape
  • Black Pit 1B Find Rusty Axe
  • Black Pit 2B Find 2 Prisoners of 4
  • A Dark Pit Trust the Prisoner
  • Class 3 Security all e, all s, say axe, say spoon
  • Cell 3C/3B say Spoon
  • Cell 1B receive black glove
  • Raynor Rivolt’s Office say Cell 3B
  • Spoon receive Spoon’s Dog Chain

Give Dog Chain to Wise Man

Fresh Frozen Slab of Meat

Kill IS

Daily Quests

Kain's Rice

Give rice from kitchen assistant to Kain in Square World. 15 qp

Elven Farmer

Give pail of water, from stableboy in Bryn Cail, and Rusted Farmers Hoe, from Farmers Fitsgivens in NIMH, to the Elven Farmer in Bryn Cail. 15qp

Willy the Prison Guard

Bring him 5 pieces of food and 5 drinks in Crystal Palace(need fly) 10 qp

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