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EQ Runs

Pyramid of the Sun

Kill the 4priests, get a token from each priest. *all dirs from entrance

Flames - walk 3n w n w n e 2n w s w n

Forest - walk n e 2n 2e s 2e 2n

Clouds - walk n e 2n 2e s e 3n w n 2e

Rain - walk n w 3n 2w 2s e s

Kill the Graverobber for the Jade Key

3n 3e s e 2n;open northeast;.ne - Grave Robber

Kill Ra

5n e n w n e unlock_north open_north n

Give earth master;enter portal

Give water master;enter portal;give air master;enter portal;give fire master;enter portal

Shadows of the Past

Sanye – Grab Herugrim

Divergent (Make sure you stay invis through whole area, minus fights obviously)

  • Kill Monky, Azizal, Gnosis, and Aegaer (must get last hit with Herugrim)
  • Pool of blood is dropped (transparent leggings)
  • Kill Parnassus fo r Agony
  • Kill Rade for head (can kill with any weapon)
  • Kill Nathor for Qmtarr Cookie
  • (Optional) Kasmer drops ring, Atsu drops arms, Mage drops aura

Middle Area – Kill Rei and Blur for heads (Can get kill with any weapon)

Aes Sedai

  • Give cookie then head to Questmaster (Gives held item)
  • Kill Ryll give journal to Snuff (Gives Aes Sedai arms)


  • Kill Mastar, pick up Mark of Illuminati (Niteshade should enter room)
  • (Optional) Kill Armorsmith for vorpal axe


  • Give Agony to Blacksmith (He gives back a mace)
  • Give Mark to Alex (She gives a gun)
  • Go kill beast in basement, solo fight (helm)
  • Go back up to Alex and give her the head of Ryll, Rei, Blur


  • Visit Theoden he will tell you to kill Lacatus in Divergent (Go kill him)
  • At Theoden give 4 Divergent heads and Herugrim (Gives dagger and neck)

Noctai – Kill 4 Noctai and grab heads

Sanye – Visit Astennu then go to Kardiak and give heads (gives leggings)

Noctai – Say “Kardiak” at Cocoon

Sanye – Kill Kardiak and crew

Noctai – Kill Cocoon (Drops transparent ring and fighter aura)

Eye of Smote (Caster aura) – 2 up from center of Illuminati

Unknowns – Snuffs Gratitude

Other optional items – Kneeling at Astennu and giving string to Swayde (At Aes Sedai) gives hands

Darkened Jungle/Cobra Skins

Make sure you are: Flying, Invisible (Mobs are aggressive and can detect everything)

To get Cobra Necklaces (No Stats)

  • .8se5n2en
  • 2 x Cobra Skins
  • 2 x Boar’s Hair
  • Merge Cobra Skin with Boar’s Hair

To get Healing Salve (For Starving Villager)

  • 2 x Hot Rocks (Berserker Village)
  • 2 x Frog Hearts
  • 2 x Toad Tongues
  • 2 x Jungle Berries (Astral)
  • 2 x Vials of Lion’s Blood

Give items to Corkan

To get Lizard Scale

  • From “The Deeper in the Jungle” - .nwh(nw)e
  • give salve villager

To get Cobra Skin (Full Stats)

  • give scale and cobra necklace to armor/jewelry mob

Area 51

Kill guard for Level 4 Access Card and Badge (everyone on the run must be wearing it)

Unl west
unl north
say logoff
say logon
say list
say airco
say shutdown Up

kill steven taylor (you will get Level 3 Access Card)

From there:

go all south (there is a door on the way you have to unlock)

go all south (there is a door on the way you have to unlock)
unl north
open north
say logoff
say logon
say list
say door
say jkw385kc

The west door will unlock which is where Commander Richter is. Kill him for a Level 2 Access Card. You have a 50% chance at getting a Ring of Everything or a Fine Leather Belt. This room is recallable if you really need to use it, you can. You will also get titanium leggings and cybernetic armplates.

After killing Richter, to get axe design, go: east, all south, west, kill computer geek.

Then head east, all north

unl north
open north
north until you hit the thirsty scientist
kill tracy
unl desk
open desk
get all desk
open east
give 5 gold machine
push water
give cup thirst
give letter thirst

You should receive Level 1 Access Card

Head back to the “COMMAND CENTER” room which is 1 east of Richter. From there, go east and killer the maintenance bot to get the maintenance key. Then:

unl down
open down

You should be in “The Vault”

From here, you can open west, and go all west, south, kill huge fan, and get the Huge Fan weapon and also the Dagger Designs.

In the vent, there is a door south, and then a door down that will take you to Popov, who sells designs for the whip, spear, polearm, and flail. They are 5000 gold each.

Once you have all the plans you want, head back to the room Tracy was in, and hand the designs to the weapon guy south of her. Then go all west from tracy to find the mobs with the weapons.

—- This part of the run leads to the alien queen —-

In the Vault room, say :

say logoff
say logon
say list
say door
say skyblue
north (invisible exit)

FYI: The password skyblue is from Popov in the vent (when you nod at him)


You should now be in the locker room with naked men. 2 or 3 of the men have a lab coat on them. There is another lab coat in one of the lockers. I believe that they are once per crash.

Make sure everyone in your group is wearing a lab coat and area 51 badge before you head north, or you will land up in jail.

The area you will be in now, is a small square.

ok this place is a small square
from northwest corner, go west, say yes if your groupee is trapped in the cell north. i dunno how to get trapped there, but if you do, just say
yes and he can flee out. from northeast corner, go east, and you can buy stuff. need to buy scapel from this guy from southeast corner, go east, and give scapel to the surgeon. you'll get intestines from southwest corner, go west, and kill the alien tubes for alien skin (they are chicken. one drac kills em all.) then at the center, there shld be a doctor lincoln. give him the intestines, then while he's distracted, go down
then enter vessel you shld be at a place with a glowing green ball. (i've only been up to here so from here on is from lumin's log)
all rem all, wear alien skin, then put all wand touch ball twice all shld be at docking bay. [from here on, you dont need to wear badge and lab coat, but i dunno bout skin. keep it on in case.] then wear your eq follow the path, south etc. cant remember there shld be a room where you get blinded. just all cure blind, open northeast, go northeast it shld be a room called silence. all spellup, go north, and kill the queen.

[dunno if guardian drops any eq… lumin's log didnt say.]

then enter escape pod, kill engine, and you'll be dumped into open ocean. thats about the whole of area 51.


Leather Armor / Black Trenchcoat (one per reboot/copyover)

Be invis and flying. From PS go 6n 10e Se (=southeast)

e d s d s 2d n e 5d w n 4d Ne n e n e n d e d 2n.

Go 2w n, open down, d.

The Prince should be here.(If he isn't, the run has been done and you have to waitfor reboot/copyover.) Say “show me” and go all east.

Wait through the lengthy mprog to be over.Say “deurges”. Go up, all north, e n e n 2e s e.

Kill gatekeeper, get key, unlock north.

Go 2n, enter shadow, n. Kill (red man).

Once he's dead you will get transed to PS. From therego back to Abyss: 6n 10e Se e d s d s 2d n e 5d w n

4d Ne n e n e n d e d 3n w 2n e 2n 2e s w 2s e d 2e2up n w. Kill Deurges, get the armor and trench.


Horror/Crystal Ball:

Go to the entrance of Abyss. Wander around until you findDeathmaster and kill him. Get Xunil shell.Go to the gatekeeper (no set directions because it depends where you end up after killing DM). Kill him, get the key.

Unlock/open north, n, open n, n, open n, n. Enter shadow.

Go n and kill mother, get Mother's Love.2n 3s w n 2w s 2w, open w, 3w. Give Mother's Love todemon.

Wear Xunil shell. Go down, enter lava. Grab Horror.Enter hole. Remove Xunil shell, give it to Xunil. Getcrystal ball. Recall.


Speed of Pain:

You mustfirst go up from the entrance hall (past gate guards).

Kill all the power nodes in the alcoves (not very hard, but annoying)

After killing all nodes, maybe 6-8 i don't remember off the top of

my head. Go north and kill agony. If there is a repop, you must kill

all the nodes again. Agony is an impossible mob to kill, good luck

and i hope you have written your will.


Parrot, Hunting Knife, Steel Ring, Tan Hat, Obisidian Necklace, A-8 rifle, Leather Boots, Soul Blighter, DD8 Handgun, Dolb’s Axe, Lab Coat, Safety Goggles, Vial

Walking directions are:26e, open east, 8e to fisherman. Then flyand be invis and go 2n e n s 2e n e n e n.

Buy ticket, get on boat, get off boat

Hunting Knife is on the guard after you get offthe boat.

Go all north, give 50 gold to guard outside entranceto be transed inside.

Dolb Axe, Tan Hat, A-8 Rifle:Go east. To get tan hat agree with the guard (use thesocial) and he'll trans you into Raynor Rivolt's room.

Kill Rivolt for the hat. The guards in this room carrythe rifle.

South from the guard is Michael Dolb, who (obviously)loads Dolb's Axe.

Obsidian Necklace:Once transed inside Alcatraz, go all west, open northwest,Nw, all west, north to dead end, down, w n w to bathroom.

Spellup here because the Angry Man attacks as soon asyou go in. Enter mirror, whack Angry Man.

Leather Boots:Load on Machine Gun Kelly. Once transed inside, goall west, open northwest, Nw, all north, 2e n e. He's in

a locked room to the north, I have no idea where thekey is. Just have a gunnie blow the lock or a thief/illu

pick it.

Parrot:Loads on the Bird Man. I'm not positive about walkingdirections, but I know he's all west, open northwest, Nw,then north through the door and then *I THINK* west.His room is off of one of the lab-type rooms on thatnorth-south corridor, anyway. Just look around, it willbe in the northwest corner of one of them.

It's locked, no idea where the key is, have someoneshoot or pick the lock. Go in and kill him (pretty toughfight solo). Parrot falls to the floor.

Steel Ring

Go through the sewers off of the cement trail to get theKey from the guard (note). When you get to the vaultBe visible and say vault, then when you get to the guardGive him 50 gold and he’ll trans you and give you the keyGet back onto the main island and past the 50 gold guardTo the cafeteria Go west, unlock down, open down, down,fight Sadric Kulling, then get the ring.

Vial / Lab Coat / Safety Goggles

Kill the mainframe for the circuit board

Give board mulv

Get beaker

Give the note to the scientist west of the exit from

The square chamber of mulvs portion

Go east, then all north, then west, give the scientist

The new note and he’ll trans you and your party to

The three doctors with the items. Bring at least 3 people

To the fight.

DD8 Handgun

Kill the guard west of the ticket taker for the DD8 Handgun.


This includes the runs for Simple Plywood, Nylon Rope,

Act of Kindness, Matter, Not Much, Peanut Shells, Wiseness,

Fire Gloves, Fire Blade, Hot Sub-Machine Gun, and Pocket Protector.

To get to Dexter: from PS go 20w s 2w n, open down,

d n w n, open up, u n e n w 2n w n w.

Say “2.4933”, go east and give key to guard. He transes

you inside, the room title is Within.


get Joy (before entrance)

kill sludge monster (enter trash at secretary)

get Anger (s, w from 3rd floor)

give sludge Myndi (stairs, 4th floor)

give 10000 gold Paul (same as Myndi)

give 100 gold John (near Paul/Myndi)

unlock wall / open wall / get all wall (John)

buy darkness (bartender on floor 7)

kill angel - AUTOSAC OFF!! / get halo corpse / get corpse (top of stairs)

kill dishonorable man / get courage corpse (near angel)

give anger anger (4th floor)

give sorrow sad man (4th floor

give cocaine addict (4th floor)

give halo torturer / give corpse torturer (4th floor)

give darkness darkness (4th floor)

give 50000 gold beggar (4th floor)

kill billionaire - HARD, need a cure morter and a hitter (4th floor)

give courage courage, answer to his question is noun (4th floor)

give joy happy man (4th floor)



Bring 7500 gold with you and whatever pills you need

(sanc, refresh, etc etc). It is a solo run.

From trans point, go 2n to front lobby. The secretary

will give you a note.

go s e s, enter trans.

Go east, open east, east.

Say “science lab”. Manager will give you a key.

Go 3w, 3s, unlock south, 3s e.

Give note to Weapon Specialist. He will give you another

note back.

Go west, have pass door on, d n e u s w. Give note It

(It is hidden so you may have to do this several times).

Wait through long mprog. At the end It will drop Gratitude.

Get Gratitude, go e n d w s u.

Say “heuxavachlorate” and give 7500 gold to weapons specialist.

Say “heuxavachlorate” again and give Gratitude to weapons

specialist. He will give you Heuxavacholorate.

Go n, open west, w (Greg Hogkin's Office). Give Heuxavachlorate

to Greg. Say “yes”

Greg will now offer to allow you to fight his robot. When you are

ready (spelled up, got all yer pills and so on), then nod.

You will be transed into a no exit room. This is a pretty tough

fight, the robot will dispel you and all sorts of other nasty things.

I suggest a healer class (monk, pally) although I suspect with

enough pills anyone can do it. Once the robot is dead, get Act

of Kindness and you should be transed back to Greg's office.

If not, I think you can open the door and get out that way.

Go e 5n e n, enter trans, n w and recall.



You are going to need a fully trained cleric who knows wtf they

are doing, and a very good hitter, preferably a pally or monk.

Resist cold, slash and lightning are bonuses. Do NOT have

someone vuln cold tank. Both should be good align.

After giving the keycard to the guard and getting transed in,

go n e s, enter trans. Open up, up, get laser saw, d w 2s,

unlock down, down.

Enter nothing.

n s w 2e w.

Enter something.

2d, kill something. Get Not Much. You'll be transed out.

Go back to the lobby.

*Note: everyone has to be wearing not much to do the next

part of the run, and you have to be good align to wear it.*

From the lobby, go e s, enter trans, s u, enter trans, e,

enter trans, w, enter trans, e, enter trans, e, enter trans, e,

enter trans. You should be on the eighth floor now.

Both people should wear Not Much, and they should not be


Now, both go south. Healer should prepare to sanc immediately

since Nothing will dispel almost at once.

Tank should start fight with Nothing, then immediately switch to

the parts (1.part). Kill off all the parts, THEN kill Nothing. Cleric

should basically heal all the time. Once nothing is dead, you

have Matter.



Get Knowledge from NIMH (on Nicodemus). Wear it.

Go to Dexter, get up to the eighth floor. Go east to

the Wise Man. Kill him, get wiseness. This is not a

horribly difficult fight, a mage can solo it, but it's a lot

easier with two people.



Gate Dean, kill him and get box of green glowing condoms.

Go to Dexter, go up to either the 7th or 8th floor (I think 8

but not positive).

Go west, give condoms barkeep. He'll give you a peanut.

*NOTE: this is a cheat of the mprog. If someone has fixed

it, here's what you really do: From the barkeep, go to the

hooker, give her 1k gold, get condom, and go back to bar.)

Go e n, push stall, enter passageway.

N, open box, get sneakers box, enter passageway.

Go 2s, give sneakers sentinel.

Give peanut It. You'll be transed to Him.

Spellup, kill Him (the first round is ugly but easy after that,

if you survive).

Bring cure blind pills because he will probably blind you and

you must be able to see to loot him.



Go to Dexter, get transed in by guard.

Go n e s, enter trans, s u, enter trans, e, enter trans.

Then e u e u, open east.

Spellup here, use fire damage weaps and stances.

Have your tank go east first.

Target coldness first, kill ice last.

Check spells and so forth. Switch to cold or soak

damage weaps and stances.

When ready, go s and e (I think) or just south.

Kill heat.

Keep same damtypes, check spells, etc. When ready

go south. Target flame first. Kill Fire last.

If you kill fire before the flames are dead, you won't

get the EQ, so make sure no one is doing room damage

(full auto, etc etc). When Fire dies, it will give the gloves

to whoever killed it. If the person is blind, they won't get

the eq and you have to do it all over again.

This run is not horribly difficult but you will want about

2-3 good hitters and a cleric at least.



This is rather easy with a few hitters last i checked. Just have to

outdamage the mob with the key. From main room on base floor

go e, s, enter trans, 2s, u, enter trans, all s. Spellup and then open

and go south. Kill the mob there. Upon his death go n, unlock(maybe

can't remember)/open west. go west, give the key to the man in the

room and you will recieve the gun for your efforts



The essence of this run is to have as few people as possible

in the group. You will need a good cleric and one hitter,

ideally, although it can be done with two hitters and a cleric.

This is because the more people there are in the group, the

more mobs you have to kill. It's a tough fight and I suggest

the cleric does not autoassist so they can refresh/respell

as necessary. Bring whatever pills and potions you may need.

Go to Dexter and get up to the 8th floor. Go n e n e. Spellup

and so forth. East is Dexter Itmons. Go in invis. You'll need

to kill his guards first and I guarantee that you will run out of

move at some point as well as being blinded, dispelled, and

other nasty things like that. It's a very tough fight and I only

recommend fully trained people trying it.



Go to Ctuoac Warrens, find Ctuoac, kill him and get everything.

The silver scale is a portal you will need.

Find Ruthan, damage him until he flees. He will either drop the

Dream Talisman, in which case get it, or you must use the

silver scale to go find him and finish him off (only one person

can go, I suggest a monk/pally type). You'll get Ruthan's

Diversion, Ward Ring, and Dream Talisman that way.


Go to Sonoirh Myrk (gate bogfrog or river turtle). Hunt

Dame Athan.

Only four people may enter her room. If your group is

larger than that, you have to have some people in the

room log out so that others may enter, then log back

in again. You can fit your entire group into the room

that way, which is useful.

Give the Dream Talisman to Dame Athan. She will

trans everyone in her room to the Unicorn and Phoenix.

(If people in your group are not in the room when you

do this, they won't be able to come along on the Hydra


Kill the Unicorn and the Phoenix. You'll get Unicorn Point,

Phoenix Fire, and a Phoenix Feather (key).

Unlock south, open south. This is the door to the Hydra

Lair. Have your tank go in first.

Killing the Hydra is easy enough if you have a decent

cleric and some good hitters. If you want equipment, you

must kill the head that loads it.

Poison Head has Pandemic Shrouds.

Silver head has Aura of Sanctuary.

Lightning head has Shock Absorbers.

Those are the three items that people usually want.

There's other items but they aren't worth the trouble

unless you just want to kill the heads for shits and giggles.

Once you've gotten all the items you want, kill the body.

Note that the heads always repop so you will basically be

fighting the whole animal the entire time you are there.

Just kill the body to get rid of it. The repopped heads

won't load the items again, but you *can* log out your

entire group once the body is dead, wait for repop, and

then do the whole thing over again to get more items

without going to all the hassle of getting into the room again.


Once you've killed the body, you will get another key.

Unlock, open east. If you go one east you can recall and

be finished (I think…you might be able to recall from Lair).

OR you can try for Dragonclaws and Elemental Flail.

If you want to try for these items, then you have to

do a couple of things.

First, everyone should stay in the Lair. Only go in one at

a time.

Second, everyone needs to be wearing Myrknight Boots.

You can get one pair at the bench (I think).

Once everyone has boots on, go in ONE AT A TIME and

find the bench. The mprog won't work if more than one

person goes in at a time.

If you are wearing the boots, you will be transed to Myrkheart.

Don't worry, he won't do anything to you.

If you are NOT wearing the boots, you will be transed to Cube.

Once everyone is transed to Myrkheart, kill him for the Flail

and Dragonclaws. He's not THAT difficult - we killed him with

a good cleric, a monk, and a backstabbing thief.


These are runs for Phoenix Flames, Undead EQ, and Pleveller.

Oh and hints on the vorpal aerator or whatever it's called.


From PS go 8s e 2n 2w 2n 5e s e s.

Have detects on, the tent is invisible.

Enter tent, kill Ekholaharten (this didn't

use to be too difficult, I used to solo him

with my monk, but I don't know if he's been

tweaked recently). He has wraith vulns.

Get the flames and dagger.



Includes swords, crown, and curse of the


*Everyone must be good or neutral*

*Everyone should be flying and invis*

You can either gate to githu farmer OR…

From PS, 8s e 2n 2w, open up, up, open up,

up, 3n. Type hop vine, up, type hop vine.

Follow the path east to the cave entrance or

have one person go and summon the rest.

If you aren't flying here, you'll fall off the

mountain, and if you aren't invis then all

the nasty aggros will attack you.

Enter cave. Go n 2w s w 2n e 2n e n 2w s

2e n w n e n e. Enter light. Go up e 2n 2w

2s e up 3n.

If you gated to the farmer, you need to wander

around on the plateau until you find the cave entrance

with the boulder blocking it.

Everyone needs to say “friend” and go north. Once

your group is inside, go all east and north to the trainer.

Say “githu warbeast”, let mprog run, he'll drop a key.

Get the key.

South, unlock, open south. Spellup, go south, kill the

raptors (not horribly tough but you need some good


Get dinosaur entrails, open entrails, get key entrails.

Now everyone but one person should recall and walk

back to the path through the hop vine bit. The one

person remaining should go north, unlock and open

east, then run like hell east 6w all north. The githu

warbeast will follow and crash into the boulder (if you

do this in a group the beast will attack and hand your

asses to you on a platter).

After the boulder breaks, go south to first crossing,

then 4e n to guards. Say “spring” and let the mprog

run. You'll get a black stone key.

Recall and walk back through the hop vine part to

where your group should be waiting for you on the

path. Go west until you can go north, then 2n 2e.

Spellup here and TURN AUTOSAC OFF!!!

This is a really tough fight, you need some serious

firepower in your group and decent healers.

Unlock east, east, enter tomb. Kill daughter, then

wife, then Bothlands. Make sure you physically

loot the corpses (get all corpse) as well as autoloot.

The loads are somewhat randomized, not sure how

exactly, but you should get either the Sword of Undead

Kings, the Crown of Undead Kings, or the Curse of the

Damned, or more. Then go north 2w and recall.



From PS go 8s e 2n 2w 2u 3n hop vine up hop vine.

Be invis and flying, follow the path east all the way to

the cave entrance.

Enter cave and be vis.

Go 2n 3e s e 2n w 3n e to kid. The kid should follow.

Go w 3s e 2s w n 3w s 2w s w 2n e 2n w n e n e n e to

the mother. Yay happy reunion blah blah. At some

point during this process you should get a teddy bear.

Go up e 2n 2w 2s e u 3n, say “friend” and go north.

Then 2e 3n w s, give teddy to Yaona, she will give you

the Pleveller.


Most of the area is easier to do alone but some of the fights need a group.

You need to be neutral+ or the runs don't work right. Bring sancs,
and cure blinds, gonna need em.

First off, gate to Fafner go e 2s e s buy Dows and buy walking. Go n 5e n w s e s e
and scan for guide then go whichever direction he's at. Give him dows first then walk
to get into the Xeph city. Go west until you find Vendric then kill him, he gives you
a Seal and you'll need that later, be fast or he'll run off. From there keep going west until
you find lieutenant, you can go back eastish a bit till you find a store that has a coil of
rope and buy it to get soap on a rope. Kill the lieutenant and you'll get transed to the
Interrogation room. Say yes, stand, and try back and be quick about it. If you do it right
you get Insignia dagger, if not he kills you.

To get soap on a rope take the coil you bought in the Xeph city go to the Hotel in the Vinkan
city and buy soap. merge coil bar and you get Soap on a rope.

Brass chain Sleeves, from where you left off and if you still have the Xeph seal gate Watial
go 2s.. or 1s e say yes and go north till you find Lirenza, give her seal and wait. She pops
brass chain sleeves.

After that go all south d w n or 2n and attack Lirenza, she'll trans you somewheres. Try blue
and you'll get transed to the battle field. Kill Lirenza on the battlefield and she'll drop
a cross, you cant pick it up till you get on the battlefield later

Gate Fafner go e n w 2n w 2n to get to Nafsule, say yes and you'll get a note, now go back to
the Xeph city and kill Vendric again if he repopped.. or hopefully didnt run away the first time
if he hasnt repopped recall a minute then go check. Get the seal and keep it. Gate to watial
give him the note from Nafsule then when he asks who say Nafsule to get a burlap sack. Go
back to the xeph city and go all west till you find Nafsule and kill her (need a group for this)
once thats done gate back to watial put her head in the sack and give the sack to Watial.
He'll drop a key and give you a sapling, hold on to sapling and take key. Now head back to
Xeph city again, go back to the shop with the coil of rope and buy canteen. Go back to
where lieutenant was, go north say help to get a map and a note. Now gate to fafner, go
e n e unlock east 2e.

Now, look around for the cross Lerinza dropped, some bandages, and a book. Give the bandages
to the elven healer. give the book to the avian priest. hold on to the cross. give canteen
to wounded soldier for a 95 gun that he drops, and find the Major. Give him note and then map.
Now, if your good aligned I think he'll attack you because hes a traitor, if your neutral
you'll have to choose. Attack the Major and leave the vinkan guy alone. He's kinda tough
buy you get Silver Helm for killing him, if you die.. well don't die. Now you should have
high enough rank to leave, find Guide and say Yes to get out.

Now, wait for Vendric to repop again and get another seal, you'll need one for each person in
the group to kill the guy with loathing, and hes a tough bastard. Once you get seals for each
person in the group, go to the apartment in residential area where the old man is and be vis
no hide/invis/astral whatever. Give him cross, he hits you fairly hard (about 3.k damage)
runs off and drops a veil. (92 mage shit, its invis too, need detects) Now go to the park
in the Northern part of the Xeph city and look for Lmomn (The old man). Take cure blinds,
he blinds to all hell. Kill him and presto, you have Secret Loathing. (each person needs to hold
seal to get into the room with him)

Now be vis and go find the bum, hes in xeph town. He should give you a flaming stick.
go back to the apartment where the old man was and look for the room with try setting fire
in its desc. Do the obvious, try setting fire. Now enter rem take skull and go n. Go back
to the Vinkan city and search for the witch, she's in the southeastern corner. Give her
the ogre skull and she drops black witches robes. If you still have the sapling go all north
of the witch give sapling to the tree guy. That awards wooden bracers.

Thats everything to my knowledge atm. Unless I forgot to mention something.
can camp insignia's profusely. buy as many peices to the soap on a rope as you want.
and thats all.

Spirit Links

Go to Haunted Lands (6n 6e 4n).

Go west and north to the shop and buy a jar, vial, coal, and candy.

S E E , Put the coal into the furnace. When it heats up, take it.

Go W N and fill the vial, then 2s east and “try break off icicle” to get the icicle.

North, West, South, East. Give the candy to the girl and get her net.

Go 3n 2e 3n and kill Horraim Corass for his aura of darkness, you won't get the Spirit Link
this time around.

3s 6w and look for the Zombie Leader. Kill him for the dead man's skull.

Go two east of the graveyard, North and Northwest, “try catch wisp” to put the wisp in the jar.
You won't need the butterfly net any longer, but it can be reused for subsequent runs.

Northeast to the door of the tower, have a thief disarm and pick north, North, disarm down, Down.

Northeast, Northwest, give the statues the item they want, should be in a clockwise manner from top…

Hot coal, aura of darkness, vial of blood, icicle, jar with wisp, dead man's skull.

Use the HexSolver (Thank Eris for this “hidden” treat) located on this website to solve the hex.

Once you enter the portal in the center, go up 3s 4e 3n e and look for a soldier that is wearing
a head. Kill him and take the head to the butcher (2s 2w 2s e n from the southern edge of the
battlefield). Give the head to the butcher to get the Skin Mask, wear it.

Go South, West, North, North, East, East, all North, East, East to the drawbridge. Say “black
wind” to get in. North is Horraim Cordass' real body. If you kill him, you will get the
soulstone. There is a chance that the Black Wind (powerful dragon that drops the “Gust of
Black Wind” leg translucent leg eq for fighters) pops there. If you are a thief, just steal
the soulstone from Horraim.

Once you get the soulstone, take it to the blacksmith by going from Horraim: South, West, West,
West, all south, West, West, South, South, East, East. Give the blacksmith the soulstone and
you will be transported back to the living world. Go 2West, 2North, 2East, and 3North.
Kill Horraim for the Spirit Link.

Congratulations, you're done!

Chaos of the Mind (Nikes)

Nike Run (Chaos of the mind) Enter mind, sw, kill dummy, ne, s, s, w, up, w, w, e, s, down, s, n, w, up, w, w, w, n, s, s, s, s, open south, south, get key. 1. Mom and Pop's room n, n, n, n, s, w, s, up, w, down, n, e, n, up, e, n, w, w, n, n, up, up, n, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 2. full of anger e, s, e, n, s, down, down, s, down, s, w, w, up, w, w, w, e, w, s, up, w, down, n, e, n, up, e, n, s, e, e, up, n, w, s, n, unl chest, open chest, get all chest … RECALL 3. in the middle of nowhere Enter mind, open s, s, s, w, up, w, w, down, s, down, s, e, w, up, w, w, w, w, w, s, up, w, down, n, e, n, up, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 4. middle of a raging cyclone E, n, s, w, n, n, up, open up, up, n, e, s, e, s, s, down, down, s, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 5. these damn chests Down, s, e, w, up, w, w, w, w, w, s, up, w, down, n, e, n, up, e, n, n, e, unl chest, open chest, get all chest, RECALL 6. past the end Enter mind, open south, s, s, w, up, w, w, down, s, down, s, e, w, up, w, w, w, w, w, s, up, w, down, n, e, n, up, e, n, s, w, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 7. superego's office N, n, up, up, n, e, s, e, down, n, w, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 8. simplicity, with a twist E, s, s, s, s, down, up, n, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 9. yet another question S, s, down, s, down, s, e, w, up, w, w, w, w, w, s, up, w, down, n, e, n, up, e, n, up, n, e, e, unl chest, open chest, get all chest, RECALL 10. bad ideas! Enter mind, open s, s, s, w, up, w, w, e, s, down, s, up, w, up, w, w, w, s, w, s, up, w, down, n, s, n, unl chest, open chest, get all chest (Quickness of the Mind) 11. aha! another chest S, s, down, n, up, e, n, up, w, n, n, up, open up, up, n, e, s, e, n, s, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 12. regression Down, down, e, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 13. a little annoyance W, w, e, s, down, s, up, w, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 14. a hole in the ceiling up, w, w, w, s, w, s, up, w, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 15. shadows on the wall e, down, n, e, e, e, e, down, e, n, n, up, n, up, up, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 16. light at the end of somewhere e, s, s, down, s, down, w, up, w, w, w, n, n, unl chest, open chest, get all chest (Note of things), RECALL 17. CRASH!!! Enter mind, open south, s, s, w, up, w, w, n, s, down, s, e, w, w, w, w, w, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 18. another locked chest e, e, e, e, e, e, up, w, up, w, w, w, up, w, s, up, w, down, n, s, n, up, e, b, e, w, n, n, up, open up, up, e, s, e, s, e, unl chest, open chest, get all chest 19. a rotten core w, w, up, s, down, n, s, down, s, up, w, up, w, w, w, up, w, s, up, w, down, n, s, n, up, e, n, down, e, e, up, unl chest, open chest, get all chest
17. CRASH!!! 18. another locked chest 19. a rotten core 20. You didn't think it was that easy did you?

Mrem Village (Anita's Diamond Ring)

c gate mrem kit.

head south out of the nursery to get to the center of the 1st floor.

go 2u. on the outskirts of the 2nd floor you will find “guild” houses.

enter each house and kill the masters. each one has a piece of level 90 eq
except the cyborg in the gunslinger “guild”. on the cyborg you need the letter.

after you have all of the pieces of eq go back to the center of the 2nd floor
and go 2u again.

from there go north and give letter furloin.

he will leave and let you get into anitas room.
wear all the 90 eq from the masters BEFORE you enter anitas room.
after you get into anitas room with the eq on she will force you to remove all.

rewear all your normal eq as the 90 stuff will be gone.

kill her and there you have it.

Gather full set of EQ, Golden key from the cage guard, letter of invitation.

To reset the area give a lovely red rose to the statue on the 1st floor (2e).

Furloin will be front of Anita's room, so to start things off hand him the

letter of invitation. He will move out of the room and now it's time to fight.

Use the anita trigger to get a companion sired in her room and fuck her up.

When Anita is dead you'll get Anita's head. Hand the anita head + golden key

to a paladin and have him unlock the door to furloin's room (3s from anita) and

give him the head so he doesn't sanc. Kill furloin and you'll have all of the

EQ back. Get the golden key again and repeat.

Helm of the Kings

Helm/Crown of the Knight

  • Go to Knight of Sanye, say yes.
  • Give Quirky’s to Jester
  • Go to A51 (11e, 3n, all west), kill the first guard, wear the badge, go west, unlock north.
  • Now shutoff the air conditioning, in this order say: Logon, list, airco, shutdown.
  • Go up, north, down, all north, Kill Stephen for level 3 key
  • Go back to the main hallway, follow the path until you see the Level 3 Access Key door unlock north, go up, and open west, kill the maintenance bot for his key, unlock the container for the calendar
  • Return and give it to Quirky.
  • Grab Hans Blaster, In everlund park, buy a map, give it to old man, give that amulet to drunk where you buy the map
  • Wear the Hans Blaster and kill Dark Helmet in Sivas Lament
  • Warp Stone Locations:
    • New thalos – Gate Ix and kill him
    • Sonorioh Myrk – Steal Dream Talisman from Ruthan, give it to Dame Athena, kill the unicorn
    • Meipth - Gate Katalina Buy the fire stick buy the hotel, burn down the hotel, enter charred
    • Sands of Sorrow – Kill Brass Dragon, go to the chest and grab the emerald
    • Dragon Reign – Gate mule, go to the tent, go east, with pass door go down and follow the road to the jewel, kill the barrier to get out
    • Soneji Mansion – Buy sharpening stone to Heck Tate, buy suite key from Marlene to get out
    • Holy Grail – Gate Not Dead – buy it from Roger the Shrubber
  • Turn them all in to Knight of Sanye
  • Kill Blue Hazard in Cube, give the fake dagger to Knight of Sanye
  • Gate to Coach in Bloodfest, give him the letter
  • Grab fourth place price from Slums, which is northeast from Gargoyle
  • Visit Master in Guardian citadel (down from all north)
  • For master grab: (all in slums)
    • Best Item in the game – Buy it from Dave
    • Scroll – Kill Stone Gargoyle (Have invis)
    • Horse Hairs – Kill Satan
  • Turn into Master
  • Give weapon design to Weapon Master in A51, get the same 2 keys from earlier, and then get level 2 access from Richter (need a group) from Level 3 Access, go north, and he is south of Tracy
  • Return to Master
  • Kill Ctuoac (or steal) silver scale, kill ruthan, enter scale, and finish him off wearing the Illusionist Slayer
  • Return to Master
  • Give Letter and T-Shirt to Knight of Sanye
  • Kill (or steal) truth from Curtis in Slums (He’s by where Dave was), give it to Jordan (down from the entrance to slums)
  • Give Smithy equipment to the Smithy guy in Bastion
  • Give the Smithy guy 100k

Dragon Reign (Golden EQ)

You need Best Wishes to get past Eremit

  • Buy bread and rope from tavern. Give bread to beggar, rope to father (in well)
  • Kill Thief in forest (west of main town), detect hidden helps
  • Give head to banker, give small fortune to whore
  • Give all items to Eremit (north in the forest)

Once you get best wishes head to the Demon of Gold

From Eremit: walk w d 5n w 3n 2e n w 4n u

Head a random direction, then get treasure it will summon you to Demon of Gold

Kill and then get all

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