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Remort 6

This Google Doc contains maps that are companions to the walkthrough

R6 - Lost Library Part II Walkthrough
1. Get Templar's Safe Key from hole at room 3
2. Goto room 13 (before boulder)
3. Scan until you see that its not there, the 2n quick
4. Goto room 18, 19, 20, 21 and get all items from desk and floor
5. Open forbidden book and get scroll of rewinding
6. Put rewinding machine in room 21… and get vial
7. Goto room 47 and unlock safe… open safe and get all safe (key for Thieves Hideout + note)
8. Time to deactivate the boulder… Goto room 15, and scan until you don't see it,
go south, scan… if its east go west north and wait til its south of you. Repeat scanning
until you can't see it. South. Unlock down. Open down. Down.
9. Get Lava Key, Flip Switch… the boulder should be deactivated now.
10. Goto room 14, get detect invis and get all corpse (invisble key that unlocks desk in room 19)
11. Goto room 19 and unlock desk… get cloud (air tower key)
12. Go into the library and look on the shelves… Its now time to merge books
13. Merge Christy Yorke's Magick Spells + Magic Catalog = How Spells are Cast
14. Merge Nice girls book of Naughty Spells + How to turn your exboyfriend… = Magick and Stupidity
15. Merge White Magick, by Titiana Hardie + Of Water and the Spirit = Book of Purity
16. Merge Through the Gates of Death + Elizabeth Owens' How to communicate…
= The Truth about Death
17. Merge Earth Power : Techniques of Natural… + Earth Traditions = Magick of the Earth
18. Merge The Book of Puppetry + Little Book of Altar Magick = Simple Minds
19. Merge Book of Shadows + Witches Bible = Magick Without Casting
20. Merge Musson, Clettis V.'s Fire Magic + Earth, Air, Fire, and Water = Elemental Magic
21. Merge Elemental Earth + Magick of the Earth = Nature's Magick
22. Merge Magick Without Casting Spells + How Spells are casts = Spells the Complete Truth
23. Merge Simple Minds + Magick and Stupidity = Mental Instability
24. Merge Truth about Death + Book of Purity = Life & Death
25. Merge Life & Death + Nature's Magick = Mind over Matter
26. Merge Mental Instability + Spells, the Complete Truth = Mental Projection
27. Merge Mental Projection + Mind over Matter = The Source of Magick
28. Now all in 1 book… go see the illusionist in room 45… and wait for the mprog
29. Give The Source of Magick to illusionist… wait for mprog
30. Go north… pour vial out
31. A desk appears, open desk, get all desk. (key of Water Tower + safety potion)
32. Go south and wait for the mprog again… He will tell you what to do
33. Goto room 48… blow candle… get sword, light candle again… chance to get snowflake… repeat
34. Go See illusionist again (room 45)… and wait for the mprog
35. Goto Lotus in Part 1 and give sword lotus… get all (Key for Earth Tower)
36. Go see the Illusionist again (go back and forth til he asks you the riddles)
37. Try searching on Google for the answers. Once get get all 5… you will get imaginary key (Wisdom)
38. Now the fighting begins… go to entrance to Earth Tower (room 3)… put lotus hole… go sw
39. Spellup and go up for your first fight against the Paladin. Once he is dead go up and touch globe.
R6 - Lost Library Part II Walkthrough
40. Now go to Tower of Water (room 9)… put key into puddle. Go ne and spellup.
41. When ready go up for your 2nd fight against a Templar. Once he is dead go up and touch globe.
42. Time for the Tower of Air (room 5)… put cloud tornado. Go nw and spellup.
43. Go up… next fight is against a Gladiator. Once he is dead go up and touch globe.
44. For the tower of Fire (room 11)… put lava hand… Go se and spellup.
45. Go up to fight a Mage… when he is dead go up and touch the globe.
46. Now for the last fight… go to room 12… go up and spellup.
47. Last fight is against a Monk… Once he is dead go up and touch globe.
48. Go see illusionist in room 45.
49. Now for the last part of the remort… enter the portal.

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