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Remort 3-4 guide

walkthrough, self written for EVIL align

Get killed by gladiator
wait for heaven, then go up.
Saint Peter,Ghandi,Bill Clinton,Hitler

Hell is a weird place, first go down untill you’re in the room above
Grimreaper dirs from that place are:

D grim reaper (river styx)

S earth (strange rat)
U heaven
N hel (give grim 10 silver to get back in hell)

N D down with the whore
2N D balrog
3N D N scan: 7 sins
(maybe whore and balrog are other way around, you’ll see with scan)
Go to whore, send to Satan, first piece of eq
Then wait, after you’re outa satans room, go visit the 7 sins. (Icarus is 7)

Go to earth and get all you can see.
These are the really needed.
Envelope from Johnny Cochran
Nasty Dim… Letter
2 sheets of music (good and evil, the evil one has a really low note in it)
picture of father and son (from Kiki’s nightstand)
Panties (from Kiki’s bed)
Wad of bills
Envelope from the Orphanage Letter something something (not that important) Painting of blablabla = safe ( open safe, get all safe (wadd of bills,music, etc)Check all the mailboxes Everything is always inside something or on something (at banker get envelope desk)Sheets of music + violin: w from female singer, get all display
Well… all the above just means, get all the stuff you can find.

Put Naste Dim… Letter in Enveloppe from the Orphanage
Go to Jey Marcus the Banker and give him the Enveloppe (he’ll buy the
Go to Father Vincine (church)
Play evil music (A, G, A, G, F, D, C, D)
Go to Orphanage
Give picture of Father and Son to little orphan girl
Put wadd of bills in the envelope from J. Cock.
Give the envelope with the bills in it to the judge
Go to the bar
Give pantie bartender
Take the pantie, you’ll need it again
Go back to the bank
Give panty banker.

The 6 sins are complete, go back to all the sins and Icarus and he’ll tell
you to go to heaven and kill the virtues.
Go to down with the whore, Satan will give you a pitchfork, go to the balrog
(he’s aggro) and kill him, unlock east, open east, get all and you’ll have
plenty of weapons, half is evil, half good.
Go to heaven now, and kill all the virtues.
After those, find god and kill him.

walk commands from s of grim reaper

walk se n w open_s s get_all_nightst get_all_bed open_mail get_all_mail 2n w open_w w open_safe get_all_safe get_all_case 3e open_nw nw get_all_desk open_2.env get_all_2.env open_orph put_nasty_orph give_orph_bank se n 2w open_n n
walk put_wad_env give_env_judge s 2e s sw s w open_s s give_panties_bartender get_panties n e n ne nw give_panties_banker se w s 2w n open_e e exam_sheet exam_2.sheet
walk push_a push_g push_a push_g push_f push_d push_c push_d w s e s w open_n n give_picture_orphan s 3e nw n give_1_silver_grim 3n d n nw se w e sw 2ne sw e w se nw n 2s u 2n d

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