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Remort 1 / 2

Kill pirates at ship surrounded by Sharks first, thats probably the hardestbattle. Get the rune off the captain.
You probably want to use the healing pills on this one, id make a quick keyfor gulping them.

Then kill the 2 pirates at the scroll shop, dont bother using pills you canflee and heal if you have to. get cure disease scroll off of one of them,take it to the leper, give it to him, you get rune of compassion.

Find and Kill Basi Rock, you cant charm him since you cant recite scrolls.get key off of him and unlock vault, get all vault. your supposed to get ablade of nephawhatever and some gold. take this blade to that nephewhateverguynw of mercy. he will give you the rune of being honorable or something. goto blind shopkeeper get ruby and give her 10k gold. if you have a bunch ofsilver the nephewhatever guy will convert it to gold for you. youll get the rune of honesty from the blind lady.

take the ruby to mercy give it to her, she will give you the rune of
spirituality or something.

Sort of southwest is blood, Philbert, and brok tu, and some other guy being tried, kill blood and philbert, the one that says 2 of us are worshipers of jerk face is the innocent one. You’ll get the run of judgment.

Go north to the statue of smote; when you kneel you get the rune of humility. Keep kneeling, make sure your runes aren’t in a container, they wont be able to see them if they are in a container.

Last test is the test of sacrifice, go ahead and let the guy in the portal kill you and that’s it.

Alt Guide:

Bring about 5k gold in to avoid waiting for resets,

ne 2e to town centre

From Town Centre:

Rune of Compassion
s e se Kill pirates, don't use fire weapons, nw w n 2w Give Scroll of Cure Disease to leper

Rune of Honor
2n nw n d, Kill Basi Rok, Unlock and take all vault, u s se s w nw, Give blade patriarch
if you have scrolls, can try to charm. This makes the rest of the remort easier.
se e s

Rune of Valour
Make sure you don't flee or wander into sharks of cowardice.
2w se ne se se Kill Pirate Captain, pick up rune
Kill the other pirates on the way for money
nw nw sw nw e e

Rune of Justice
s w sw Kill Blood and Philbert, give Death Certs to judge

Rune of Spirituality
n e ne take eye, sw w s sw, give eye mercy (will give 20 hr sanc spellup)

Rune of Honesty
n e ne, give 10000 gold shopkeeper

Last rune (2 runes?)
(fly) u n d n, spam kneel, eat sanc pill, north, remove all eq, wait for sanc to run out, enter portal, let yourself die


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