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fire damage. maybe bring fulmin potion if vamp
mobs are quite tough. flee early.

wait for kifer?
go north
kill consturct
go north.
wait for mprog?

at bastion:
There's sanc pills from herman

follow order to either burn or save the building depending on foubntain.
eventually will be attacked by fire elemetnal

go back to bastion.
go to guild

Find sidney ghost. need detect invis? Use farsight if you can't find him.
say yes, don't be drunk. “yes” needs to be in lower case. Might have to say it twice.. Eventually he'll ask for a portrait.
Find portraiter. Let him finish talking, eventually he'll ask for 5000 gold, give him 5000 gold and he'll go to Sidney.,
Go back to sidney. Portraiter will eventually give you a portrait. Examine the portrait for a real life picture of Astark, then give the portrait to Sidney.

He'll accept the portrait, then say that he can't betray his friend.

Keep casting betray on sidney

go towards philips. 2w, n w n e from ps. You'll get ported to void along the way.

kill the void monster, you'll get ported back to bastion.

Kill philips. He drops correspondence from amaran.

If you read it, you'll get some notification about an evil or shadowy presence.
ne u fron PS
Kill summoner. Summoner is immune aoe dracs, and minions are immune single target dracs. Just get ready to switch when he emotes starting to summon his minions.

Back to guild.

Go to trail near nw tower
kill regash.
goto firestarter
kill everything.

go to merc. kill warrior/mages. make sure ready before mage/warrior dies.
kill boss. use puncture. quite long fight. be ready.

Need to recruit 3 people. I assume you canm only pay 1 of them. TRy bringing in extra 10k next time?

go to casnino
n n e n e n w
pick up eddy (kill mafioso or pay? ) I killed. much easier then fire elemental.
Back to cid.
ss e s e n
buy key for 103
talk to nancy and madame carmill (I killed. Paying also works.)
Be prepaerd for void monster after paying.
find sneaky thief. i just hunted. he seems to wander.
'find renier. after that intim renier or pay him.

Go to bank. after you go down, get some notes, you'll ahjve to fight morgan. slow him? can;t circle. I jsuit slow/blind/weaken choke and tripped. I think it's choke.
slow him down enough and you can circle behead?
read the notes. south seems to be 3rd room.

back to guild
If you intim renier, you have to fight some random mob. not a big daewl.

Buy some hogtying rope. se e
Go to firefighters guild, shoot lock, go up to the roof.
snipe hat or snipe firefighter. Snipe hat * 3 leads to lieut + 2 firestarters.
Flee works: they don't sem to all aggro too.
go to hotel. ss e s e n from ps
interrogate (I used try mean, try disbelieve, say let him go)
Void monster once you leave.
go kill carl. he's wandering. in smullens, flees when low.
Go to candy shop, nn w n w n e. go up the staricase. CAN'T FLEE FROM HENCEMAN.
kill way through henchmen. sleep each time. Only need to get ezra to big nasty. I let him go.


Go to guild (sw w u)

Go to hymdal (ne u e n e)

Follow him to the legitimate business club. Healing hymdal does damage. Remember to sanc him. There's a good chance that Ada will spam blind so you can't keep hymdal alive, so you might have to kill ada normally. Otherwise, logoff and respawn hymdal.

try to stop/try to help hymdall once Ada is defeated. I choose stop,

Go back to guild: on the way you'll be trans to the void and have to fight a void monster before you can continue.

Now you have to bless demorized, heal wounded and kill degenerate citizens. Once you have done enough of each time, it will tell you.

Back to guild, then garrison. 3e 2n w. restore in hymdal, calm to get out of combat, then back to guild. not sure if you need to kill the garrison master. Possibly affected by the stop/help hymdal action at Ada.

go to library . nw n
other library is in wwnes
merge top and bottom

go to all the temples and get fragments

 (lvl 99 treasure) Mephiston's Fragment\\
 (lvl 99 treasure) Lilith's Fragment\\
 (lvl 99 treasure) Swayde's Fragment\\
 (lvl 99 treasure) Siva's Fragment\\
 (lvl 99 treasure) Firewitch's Fragment\\
 (lvl 99 treasure) Korinn's Fragment\\
 (lvl 99 treasure) Quirky's Fragment\\
 (lvl 99 treasure) Kardiak's Fragment\\
 (lvl 99 treasure) Drexl's Fragment

brng them to samso(nw w)
leave and come back.

before you enter gate area, prepare for fight. MAKE SURE YOU CAN WIELD/OFFHAND THE STAFF.

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