Aarchon MUD - Classes

In Aarchon there are 16 different classes that you may choose, all of which are available at the time of creation. Each class has some skills and/or spells that are shared with other classes, as well as its own unique skills and/or spells. Remember that the race you select may have a dramatic impact on you class, so do your research and choose wisely. Your race can be changed each remort -- your class is permanent.

Assassin Cleric Gladiator Gunslinger Illusionist
Mage Monk Necromancer Ninja Paladin
Ranger Samurai Templar Thief Warrior

Thieves are a marginal class. They do few things better than any other class, but have the widest range of skills available. Thieves are specialists at thievery and covert actions, being capable of entering areas undetected where more powerful adventurers would fear to tread. They are better fighters than clerics, but lack the wide weapon selection of warriors.

Prime stat: Dexterity, Secondary Stats: Agility, Luck

While Thieves tend to have a lower damage output than many other classes, they are also extremely versatile and fun to play. In combat they fair quite well through the use of hunt, hide, and backstab. Their ability to hide, sneak, steal, and "blackjack" other players defines them as a thief.

Some skills/spells that are (mostly) unique to the Thief class are:

Pick Lock
Street Wisdom