Aarchon MUD - Classes

In Aarchon there are 16 different classes that you may choose, all of which are available at the time of creation. Each class has some skills and/or spells that are shared with other classes, as well as its own unique skills and/or spells. Remember that the race you select may have a dramatic impact on you class, so do your research and choose wisely. Your race can be changed each remort -- your class is permanent.

Assassin Cleric Gladiator Gunslinger Illusionist
Mage Monk Necromancer Ninja Paladin
Ranger Samurai Templar Thief Warrior

Necromancers are followers of the dark magics. Their speciality lies in raising and control of undead, and on ritual magic and curses. Their magical prowess is only surpassed by mages, while their combat skills shine in the form of large armies of undead.

Prime stat: Charisma, Secondary Stats: Intelligence, Wisdom

Necromancers tend to be quite powerful and devastating because of the debuff spells that they possess. While they don't survive long without an army before them, they can bring down the most powerful of foes with spells suchas Iron Maiden and Mana Burn.

Some skills/spells that are (mostly) unique to the Necromancer class are:

Black Magics (Cone of Exhaustion, Forboding Ooze, Tomb Stench, Zombie Breath, and Zone of Damnation)
Dancing Bones
Energy Drain
Iron Maiden
Mana Burn
Tomb Rot