Aarchon MUD - Classes

In Aarchon there are 16 different classes that you may choose, all of which are available at the time of creation. Each class has some skills and/or spells that are shared with other classes, as well as its own unique skills and/or spells. Remember that the race you select may have a dramatic impact on you class, so do your research and choose wisely. Your race can be changed each remort -- your class is permanent.

Assassin Cleric Gladiator Gunslinger Illusionist
Mage Monk Necromancer Ninja Paladin
Ranger Samurai Templar Thief Warrior

Aarchon has one primary monastic order, and hence the sect has no need for a name to differentiate itself. They are simply the monks. The monks have a natural religion with no hint of theism or dogma. They meditate day and night, seeking greater understanding of the Universe and its curious inhabitants, humanoid and otherwise. Monks scorn the use of weapons. At high levels, they may learn a few weapons, but they more or less limit themselves to the use of their own bodies as tools of defense. They have mastered the martial arts, and can often accomplish more with their bodies than any barbarous warrior can with their swords.

Prime stat: Discipline, Secondary Stats: Wisdom, Agility

Monks are a self sustaining class with the ability to deal large amounts of damage and to heal themselves and others. Through the use of hand-to-hand combat and their unique stances, they can deal various types of damage and quickly switch from offense to defense. They're versatile and well suited for PKill and mob combat.

Some skills/spells that are (mostly) unique to the Monk class are:

Choke Hold