Aarchon MUD - Classes

In Aarchon there are 16 different classes that you may choose, all of which are available at the time of creation. Each class has some skills and/or spells that are shared with other classes, as well as its own unique skills and/or spells. Remember that the race you select may have a dramatic impact on you class, so do your research and choose wisely. Your race can be changed each remort -- your class is permanent.

Assassin Cleric Gladiator Gunslinger Illusionist
Mage Monk Necromancer Ninja Paladin
Ranger Samurai Templar Thief Warrior

Clerics are the most defensively orientated of all the classes. Most of their spells focus on healing or defending the faithful, with their few combat spells being far less powerful than those of mages. However, clerics are the best class by far at healing magics, and they posess an impressive area of protective magics, as well as fair combat prowess.

Prime stat: Wisdom, Secondary Stats: Charisma, Discipline

Clerics are one of the most difficult classes to level solo as they have weak combat skills and their magic does very little damage at lower levels. They are however unrivaled in their healing and enhancements powers which means many players want them in their group. Through the use of protection auras, cure mortal, and stances like Swayde's Mercy, Clerics are very tough to kill.

Some skills/spells that are (mostly) unique to the Cleric class are:

Cure Mortal
Firwitch's Seance
Holy Word
Korinn's Inspiration
Parademia's Bile
Quirky's Insanity
Rimbol's Invocation
Siva's Sacrifice
Swayde's Mercy

Cleric Class Overview

The cleric class is known for its powerful healing, curative, and protective magic, making it an excellent support class. Their combat spells are minimal, but through the use of maledictions they can still prove very deadly.


The animate dead spell allows for the summoning of zombies which can quickly boost a cleric's damage output. Use chain spell meta-magic to buff and heal your army, or simply act as a tank for your zombies and focus on healing yourself.

Use mantra to grant yourself an extra attack each round at the cost of mana, and rely on empowered spell meta-magic to enhance your offensive spells. The cause light/serious/critical, harm, and unearth spells are especially powerful.

On the exceptionally powerful opponents, maledictions like curse, slow, weaken, and dispel magic will help level the playing field.

The use of auras like absolute zero, electrocution, epidemic, immolation, and quirky's insanity mean that each time an enemy hits you, they take some damage back as well.


Defensively, clerics have access to nearly every buff and healing type spell in the game. The anatomy skill brings their healing abilities to a level that is untouchable by any other as it provides a passive bonus to healing. Combine this with empowered casting and masteries for an amplified effect.

Swayde's Mercy stance substantially increases the Cleric's ability to dodge and block attacks, as long as a shield is being used.

Aura spells as listed above have a strong defensive component, which is they grant you resistance to whichever type of magic it is they represent. Switch auras to change your resists during combat if necessary.

Role in Groups

Clerics are expected to keep their group alive, and this is done not only through healing, but also through making sure the tank is protected with spells like sanctuary.

If your tank is in good health, use maledictions or dispel magic to help bring down an opponent quickly.

In larger groups it can be extremely advantageous to use Smote's Anachronism, which grants an extra round of attacks to your entire party.

Equipment Nuances

If you intend to tank, it's important to wear a shield because of bonus that Swayde's Mercy stance grants to blocking. When using a shield you should not be using a held item because Clerics do not get the wrist shield skill. Blocking becomes less effective when using a weapon, held item, and shield at the same time. Check these values with the percentages command.


While leveling, clerics may find mastery in the smaller cure spells to be very valuable as they are incredibly efficient.

At higher levels there is more value in heal or cure mortal mastery.

Anatomy mastery is almost mandatory, as the skill itself provides a substantial passive bonus to healing, and the mastery enhances this bonus.

Other Concepts

To increase total damage output, a cleric might try acting as the tank so that their aura damage can help speed things up. If incoming damage isn't too substantial, try removing your shield and using Firewitch's Seance instead of Swayde's Mercy stance. You'll further increase the number of attacks taken, furthering the damage output of your aura.