Aarchon MUD - Classes

In Aarchon there are 16 different classes that you may choose, all of which are available at the time of creation. Each class has some skills and/or spells that are shared with other classes, as well as its own unique skills and/or spells. Remember that the race you select may have a dramatic impact on you class, so do your research and choose wisely. Your race can be changed each remort -- your class is permanent.

Assassin Cleric Gladiator Gunslinger Illusionist
Mage Monk Necromancer Ninja Paladin
Ranger Samurai Templar Thief Warrior

Assassins are merciless killers for hire. They will bring in a bounty on anyone's head without a tinge of guilt. The fact that there is no longer a definative end to life has put a crimp in the assassins livelihood, but not in their passion for their work; Assassins still love to hack or explode their victims into tiny bits, even if they know they'll be back later. **WARNING: All Assassins begin the game as permanent pkillers.**

Prime stat: Intelligence, Secondary Stats: Agility, Dexterity

Assassins are similar to thieves however they have learned several skills that have proven vital to their success in the PKill world, such as stalk, slash throat, and backleap. Because they are permanent pkillers they are often targeted by players stronger than them. Assassins are an advance class.

Some skills/spells that are (mostly) unique to the Assassin class are:

Back Leap
Blood Bath
Jump Up
Slash Throat