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auction house

Postby bobble » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:36 am

To facilitate the buying/selling of items amongst players, we could create an on-line auction system. The basic mechanics could be like this:
  • Players can put any piece of eq (except quest eq) up for auction, for a flat fee (e.g. 100gp). The fee is mainly to keep junk out of the system.
  • The auctioning player sets a minimum and maximum bid (i.e. buy-now). Any auction will remain active for a week.
  • The auctioned item will be removed from the auctioning player for the duration of the auction and kept in the "auction house" before.
  • After a week, unauctioned items can either be picked up at the auction house, or renewed (paying the fee again, though a "re-auction all" should simplify the management). Items are purged from the auction house if not picked up or re-auctioned for an extended time period (e.g. 3 months). Items can be withdrawn from auction as long as no bid has been placed.
  • Bidding players will be able to browse items by category (i.e. wear-location), level and OPs (base and enchanted), and can obtain a full lore on any item on auction.
  • All bids are in increments of 1k gold.
  • After winning an item, the item remains in the auction house for pickup.

The main advantage over the current "auction by note" system, is that
  • buyers can gain more info on the items
  • exchange of goods/items does not require both players to be online simultaniously

I guess the main question is whether there is sufficient demand for this functionality to justify it's implementation time.
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Re: auction house

Postby Allkohl » Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:51 pm

Looks great! Just some thoughts:

- Might be cool if you could also put a lot up for auction, for example full set of Square World eq, set of daggers with every vuln, ...
- Apart from people putting things up for auction, maybe nice if you can leave a note at auction house for a small price to let others know what item you are looking for, just make it non-abusable/spammy. For example 1 item/char.
- 1k increments for everything might be too simple :p If starting price for example is 100k or more, increments of 5k make more sense. Maybe just make the increment a fixed percentage of the current highest bid.
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Re: auction house

Postby SirLance » Wed Mar 25, 2015 5:04 am

Sounds really cool. I especially like the thought of buying package deals. You could make it a container and in the auction it details all the items inside. Maybe give it a title: "Remort 1 set", etc.
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