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Aarchon is a uniquely themed MUD, primarily set in a fantasy realm while also embracing some modern themes. There are a total of 15 classes to choose from, and over 60 races (19 of which are available at the time of creation). Aarchon boasts over 85 unique zones offering nearly 10,000 rooms to explore. Throughout the world you will find thousands of items to gather and mobs to fight. Quests are scattered amongst the land, rewarding those who explore with an enriched gameplay experience. Come climb your way to the top of the leaderboards, earn achievements, buy tattoos, fight in warfares, join a clan, craft armor, brew potions, participate in quests, and much more in Aarchon!

A more detailed list of features is available here.

Aarchon is a completely free to play MUD, with no pay-for-perk features.
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News : 8/12/14 :

The latest addition to Aarchon is The Galaxy Fleet, an area built by Aethyn and Xia. The Galaxy Fleet has replaced the stock Galaxy zone, but has retained all of the equipment. You won't lose any of your Capricorn Satchels, etc.

This new zone contains a handful of low level (30-45) equipment, along with a slew of brand new level 99 equipment. The hero level aspect of the zone requires three players to complete entirely. If you encounter any bugs in the zone please send a note to imm and we'll address them as soon as possible.

News : 8/10/14 :

The enchant armor and weapon system was completely overhauled today, allowing for a maximum of 16 enchants on any piece of equipment. Enchanting now costs gold, but equipment can no longer be destroyed. A few optional arguments were added to the command as well, so that you can specify physical or mental stats, and you can analyze the equipment to see how likely your next enchant is to fail (and subsequently remove all other enchants.. but again, not destroying the equipment). Enchanted equipment now shows either a Magical, Brilliant, Epic, or Mythical flag depending on the number of enchants.

News : 7/31/14 :

The pre-remort event weekend launched without a hitch and we saw a huge increase in quest points gain over the three days that the bonus was active. Tomorrow, August 1st, we will release the highly anticipated remort 9. Enjoy this screenshot as a brief teaser.

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