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Aarchon is a uniquely themed MUD, primarily set in a fantasy realm while also embracing some modern themes. There are a total of 16 classes to choose from, and over 60 races (19 of which are available at the time of creation). Aarchon boasts over 85 unique zones offering nearly 10,000 rooms to explore. Throughout the world you will find thousands of items to gather and mobs to fight. Quests are scattered amongst the land, rewarding those who explore with an enriched gameplay experience. Come climb your way to the top of the leaderboards, earn achievements, buy tattoos, fight in warfares, join a clan, craft armor, brew potions, participate in quests, and much more in Aarchon!

Recent News

Sender Aethyn
Date Fri Mar 16 21:25:43 2018
Subject Snakes!!!
Snakes have invaded the island, and we need to get rid of them. Bonk them on
the head with a club that Herman conveniently sells and drop them into the
ocean for some quest points!

Sender Bobble
Date Sun Dec 31 15:49:53 2017
Subject Aethyn's War Drums
We have a new piece of quest equipment. Bards rejoice. :)

Latest Changes

Time (Y-M-d) Author Description
2017-12-15VodurSupport tags in helpfiles.
2017-12-21VodurAdd playback info.
2017-12-27BobbleBoosted chain lightning damage.
2017-12-27BobbleDrain wands/staffs to improve casting.
2017-12-31BobbleAdded quest instrument.
2018-01-01BobbleTweaked syntax of mastery command.
2018-02-11BobbleAFF_CALM stops autoassist.
2018-02-11BobbleTweaked pacify spell to use AFF_CALM.
2018-02-15Bobbleinfo logs as public channel
2018-03-17BobbleLonesome melody wail effect varies with opponent count.

Use the 'changelog' command in-game to review the entire archive.


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